Found Treasures


The previous owner of the Griffin house did a pretty good job of clearing out her stuff, but we keep finding little leftovers—and the discoveries are more exciting than annoying. Our nephews were thrilled to find an old badminton set and a little lantern tucked in the basement’s ceiling. There’s much more down there, and under the house, that we haven’t had time to sort through.


But my favorite find so far has been in the shed. I was stacking up some old carpet in the corner when I stepped on a small pile of papers. I picked one up and immediately recognized it as a love letter written from a man to the woman he wanted to marry. He expressed how much he missed her, and how it killed him to imagine her with someone else, and how he couldn’t wait until they were reunited. I quickly picked up another piece of paper and found an address and date stamp. It was written in 1942 and sent from a military base. Our romeo was a soldier writing to his sweetheart back home.

Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 8.18.17 AM

I hope that we can track down the owner of these letters, or their children. But if not, we may see if a local museum is interested in them. I was also thinking it would be neat to take one of the letters, frame it, and hang it in the house as a reminder of its past.

I’m sure we’ll be finding many more treasures as we continue cleaning up the house. Follow Erica on Instagram for the latest and greatest.


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