Parisian Design Inspiration in the Kitchen

paris 1via

We didn’t eat at many restaurants on our recent trip to Paris—markets and picnics are much more baby-friendly, we’ve found. But I did a lot of peeking in doors and windows, and I was so inspired by the city’s restaurants’ designs—both the old-school places and the new, modern ones. It seems like just about every place in Paris is so thoughtfully, beautifully designed, and I wanted to take some ideas back to our own kitchen redesign. Some things I noticed:

  • Tile — From boldly patterned cement tile to classic white subway tile, tile is used often both on the floors and walls.
  • Seating — Of course, there are plenty of classic bentwood chairs and leather banquettes, but I also noticed a lot of velvet chairs with a midcentury modern flair. And the iconic rattan bistro chair is not a cliche—you’ll find them outside just about any eaterie in Paris.
  • Lighting — Lots of vintage-inspired lighting, including milkglass globes, schoolhouse lights, and barn lights.
  • Contrast — Black and white. Modern furniture against a rustic wall. Shiny brass against dark wood. A bit of contrast adds so much interest.
  • Bold Color (in Moderation) — Many places will just choose one bold color—like rich navy, hunter green, or bright pink—and allow it to pop against neutral surroundings.

Here are a few inspo images I’ve run across, plus some items we’re considering to add a bit of Parisian style to our kitchen reno.



paris - 2.jpg


paris -3



One thought on “Parisian Design Inspiration in the Kitchen

  1. fsharpe1 October 8, 2017 / 11:30 pm

    I really enjoy these and I missed you this week end are you and Oli, better was it just allergy.


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