The Final Countdown: Can We Make It?

We have 16 days until we officially sell the Edgewood house, which means 15 days to finish Barton. Otherwise, we’ll be packing all of our belongings into storage and taking our baby, two dogs, two cats, and sorry selves to live with some poor soul right before Christmas. We’re trying as hard as we can to make our deadline, but even some of our contractors seem doubtful. Probably because the house looks like this:

It’s officially a disaster zone. But we have a plan, and if we can make it, we’ll prove to ourselves that we don’t need a general contractor to renovate a house. Especially not one who is unlicensed, as we found out that ours was before firing him (and wasting a month waiting for him to get everything up to code.)

After failing multiple inspections, we hired a new electrician to rewire the house, and we finally got the green light to move forward on Tuesday. Drywall started right away, and the kitchen was installed bright and early Thursday morning. It still needs hardware, counters, appliances, a backsplash, and shelves—but we’re pretty stoked.


If all goes well, this house will look a lot different on Monday. Drywall is finishing up this weekend, Todd is tiling the bathroom, electrical trim-out is starting, and so is the trim installation. Next week is painting and refinishing the floors. Counters are set to arrive a day or two before we move in, after which we can tile the backsplash and add some shelves. Besides that, we just have a big ol’ list we need to accomplish ourselves, including trimming out HVAC, pouring a sidewalk, painting the porch, tiling the hearths, finishing out the closets, trimming out the bathrooms, and a bunch of other stuff.

Please send us your good vibes. We’re gonna need them.