Edgewood Is On the Market!


Today we announced some news that’s still a little surprising even to us: We’re selling our house on Edgewood Avenue!

Until recently, we had no intention of leaving this house. We invested in upgrading the kitchen, worked hard on the gardens, and even met with a contractor about adding a master bath and changing up the floor plan. We even thought about putting in a pool one day!

But we had a bit of a lightbulb moment soon after we started renovating the Barton house: If we sold our house and moved into the Barton house, it would make a lot more financial sense. Our own home is in a much more established area, and it’s increased in value quite a bit since we bought it. Barton is still on the edge of the action, plus we’d have to pay a big chunk of change toward the capital gains tax if we just flipped it. If all goes well, we’ll be paying off not one, but two mortgages in a few months. Our goal has always been to be totally debt-free, and we realized this switcheroo could get us there a lot sooner than we’d ever thought possible.

It all hinges on getting the price we want for our current house, but if things go well, we’ll be moving into our newly renovated house—and debt-free—before Christmas. After that, we’d be able to start working on our next flip by early next year, and hopefully do a few more in the next two years, at which time we hope to purchase our “forever home” and fix it up exactly how we want it.

So, know anyone who wants to buy a pretty awesome house on Richmond’s Northside?

2702 Edgewood Ave, Richmond VA from HD BROS. on Vimeo.


A Bath Renovation for Under $1000

It’s been a few months since we wrapped up our first renovation project, and we’re happy to report that the house sold within a few weeks! Since then, we’ve been busy adjusting to life with a newborn, but that hasn’t stopped us from working on our own house between naps, feedings, and diaper changes.

The upstairs bathroom has always been one of our least favorite rooms in the house, with builder-grade beige tiles and cheap light fixtures, a particleboard vanity, and a drab paint job. We’ve considered hiring someone to update both of our bathrooms at the same time, while adding a third master (more on that later), but in a fit of DIY inspiration, we decided to do it ourselves.

The project is still underway, but we wanted to share our plans before the big reveal. We’ll include the final numbers in the next post, but here’s a peek at what we’re up to:

Budget Bath Update


Fifty Shades of Gray (Grout)


When we started the mini renovation of our kitchen at home (which will henceforth be known as The Gray House), I knew that I wanted white stone countertops and classic white 3×6 subway tile on the walls. The question was, what color grout?

If you’ve never gone grout-shopping before, you may not realize that there are a ridiculous amount of options available. We went to the store expecting to make a quick decision, and instead we found ourselves weighing the merits of Charcoal versus Warm Gray versus Delorean Gray.

Here’s how we ultimately made our decision: Pinterest. Over the years, my “Kitchen” board has become filled with images of subway-tiled kitchens, so I did a quick assessment of the spaces I’ve been drawn to. Here’s what I decided:


via Martha Stewart

  • White grout looks classic and clean, but tends to create a one-dimensional look with the white subway tiles. And because our cabinets are off-white, we wanted a bit more contrast. Still, it hides mistakes, which we were expecting to make a few of.


via Lonny

  • Darker grout has a more dramatic look, but it tends to darken a space, and it’s harder to hide mess-ups. It’s also what we had in the kitchen pre-reno, and we wanted a change.


via Our House

  • Light gray grout highlights the pattern of the tile and adds some depth to the backsplash without shining a spotlight on its flaws.

As you may have guessed based on the image at the top of this post, we chose a light gray grout (Keracolor “Silver”) for our backsplash. It went on a bit dark but dried to the perfect shade of pale gray.


Stay tuned for a full post on our backsplash project.

Feeling bold? Check out Apartment Therapy’s roundup of colorful grout options.